American Legion Post 491 McHenry



Effective January 9, 2022



The intent of these house rules and regulations are that all persons, while at our post, shall always conduct themselves in a manner that reflects the high standard of the post and ensures adherence to the following expected behaviors. The following Canteen rules and regulations are applicable to any person or persons who are on the premises, in the Canteen, or in the back property or any post sponsored event regardless of premise.


All members and guests shall be properly attired, and service may be refused to anyone not meeting these standards.

All Active-Duty Personnel in uniform must wear the uniform in accordance with the appropriate military regulations governing its wear.

Footwear is required.

Profane or obscene image/wording is not allowed on clothing.

Public display of disrespect toward a post officer/employee/ or the flag is not allowed on clothing.


No dogs or other pets are allowed. This includes emotional support, companion and therapy animals except for guide dogs, signal dogs and service animals. Service animals that are specifically trained to aid a disabled person are welcome.

No firearms/weapons are allowed on the premises.

No alcoholic beverages are to be taken from or brought into the post at any time.

All minors must be under direct supervision of a parent or guardian and are prohibited from playing games of chance; purchasing, handling or consuming alcohol; smoking or be seated at the bar. All minors must leave the post by 9:00 PM unless prior approval by an officer has been obtained.


Time and days that the Canteen is open shall be prominently posted.

The Canteen is for the enjoyment of our members and guests. The Canteen is NOT a forum or venue to discuss Post business. Any discussion of Post business in the Canteen is highly discouraged. A warning shall be given. Repeat offending individual(s) behavior may be reviewed by the executive committee; meeting and privileges may be suspended/revoked pending the outcome and resolutions of that meeting.

No Smoking is allowed in the Canteen.

The safety of all members and guests is the responsibility of the Bartender on duty. It is the duty of all Post Officers to assist the Bartender on duty in the enforcement of all Post Canteen rules.

Canteen Manager and Bartenders on duty are the only authorized personnel permitted behind the bar without the expressed permission of the Bartender on duty.

Bartender reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason

No one under the age of 21 shall be served alcoholic beverages under any circumstances.

No member or guest may give an alcoholic beverage to anyone under the age of 21.

Any person giving alcohol beverages to a person that has been “cut off” by the Bartender shall forfeit their remaining drink(s) and both individuals must leave the premises.

There shall be no illegal substances brought on Post property or any other items that may cause the Post to lose their licensing. Anyone caught violating this rule shall be immediately asked to leave the Post property until the Executive Committee can meet to impose a penalty.

Loud, boisterous, profane language/gestures, threatening or racist remarks shall not be tolerated on the premises or any Post 491 event. An initial warning shall be delivered, yet it is at the discretion of the Bartender/Canteen Manager if that individual or group should be ejected if the conduct continues.

Purposeful destruction of post property shall not be tolerated, and the offending individuals shall be immediately ejected. The Bartender/Canteen Manager shall determine if proper authorities should be called. The offending individual(s) behavior may be reviewed by the executive committee; meeting and privileges may be suspended/revoked pending the outcome and resolutions of that meeting.

Battery on post property shall not be tolerated and the offending individual(s) shall immediately be ejected. The Bartender/Canteen Manager shall determine if proper authorities should be called. The offending individual(s) behavior may be reviewed by the executive committee; meeting and privileges may be suspended/revoked pending the outcome and resolutions of that meeting (Battery is defined as pushing or striking another individual in a hostile manner).

Bar tabs are ONLY allowed using a credit/debit card.

Only authorized persons shall be allowed in the kitchen.


Parking spaces designated as handicap shall be reserved for handicapped members and guests.

The alleyway behind the post is not to be used as vehicle parking. Park in designated areas only

No doorway or entryway shall be blocked.


Each Post group has authority over the items displayed on the cork board.

Social media announcements, updates, and photographs are maintained and approved by the Commander. Participation in events/Canteen activities implies consent of inclusion.

Post website is maintained by Operations.

Canteen displays are maintained by the Canteen Manager/Bartender.


The Bartender/Canteen Manager/Post Officers shall have the authority to enforce all house rules and may have anyone removed for misconduct or violation of these standing house rules. All instances shall be logged by the enforcer and reviewed by the Commander and Judge Advocate to determine if a special executive committee is required to address the incident.


The American Legion McHenry Post 491 serves our community, state, and nation through the principles laid out in the Aims and Purposes of the American Legion's four Pillars: Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation (VA&R), Children and Youth (C&Y), Americanism, and National Security.

Our Post is an independent organization that is part of the association called The American Legion. Our Post has no affiliation with, and has no obligation to associate with, any other organizations, and operates independently to meet our goals. Members looking to be all inclusive should look to membership in another Post.

The Chain of Command begins with the Post Commander and shall not be broken. Doing so undermines the authority of the Commander and is considered disloyalty and conduct unbecoming a Legionnaire.

Only the Post Commander speaks on behalf of the Post unless the Commander delegates that authority to another person. No member may commit our Post to support any activity or organization without the expressed permission of the Commander or Executive Board.

All Post members publicly represent Post 491 and should do so in a professional manner.

All disputes or issues concerning Post management or affairs shall remain within the Post. A member who has an issue or dispute concerning Post business shall present the issue or dispute to the Post Executive Board or a Member-at-Large in writing. No Post business or discussions should take place at the Canteen or in areas that may be open to the public or overheard by other individuals. No outside individuals shall be contacted without first giving the Executive Board the opportunity to address an issue or dispute. Officers of our District and the Department of Illinois work for us, not the other way around, and they have no authority to intervene in our internal affairs. Requests for their support or involvement fall solely to the Post Commander.

Our Post chooses which programs, organizations, and events we support, and are not compelled to support other Posts or organizations. Recommendations for approval to support other organizations are decided by the Executive Board, which gives priority to those organizations that reciprocate with their support.

All agenda items to be presented at the general membership meeting are discussed at the Executive Board Meeting prior to the general membership meeting. Requests for inclusion of agenda items shall be given to the Post Commander or Post Adjutant, or Member-at-Large prior to the Executive Board Meeting.

Communication with Post members is a privilege and is restricted to official Post business. Members shall not be contacted without first obtaining their permission to do so. Requests for dissemination of information shall be made through the Post Adjutant or Commander, and any exceptions to that shall be at the direction of the Executive Board.

The Post actively uses social networking to communicate with our members and the outside world. There is no expectation of privacy on Post members' personal social networking sites. Slander, defamation, and disparaging remarks aimed at the Post, or our members is considered conduct unbecoming a Legionnaire.

Any members subject to disciplinary action shall be notified in writing of the nature of the offense and investigated under the By-Laws of the American Legion Disciplinary action resulting from any infraction of any rule listed above shall be addressed by the Executive Committee.

Any member who allows their membership to expire is considered “Not in good standing”, may not act on behalf of the Post or its membership. These individuals voluntarily forfeited their rights to membership privileges and are considered guests of the post equal to that of the general public.

The rules listed above may be amended, changed, or modified at any time by the Executive Committee as the need arises. On update of any rule, the header date shall reflect the most current modified date; the executive board at that date is the approval authority.